working woman working mother working other

I am a working woman
working mother
working other –
see, I
tend to needs of all
until I fall
from sheer exhaustion.
Watch me drop
then up I pop
back up now
way before I’m ready.
Never steady
‘cause I’m
grappling with
all these different roles.
And yet I’m
told that I can have it all
and do it on my own
like the women who came before me
have so elegantly shown.
Except, it wasn’t really elegant;
the stress was under wraps
it was quietly bubbling
and deeply troubling
still, everybody claps
because no matter her anxiety,
she’s superwoman/mum;
she gives her whole self over,
she is never number one.
But if the working woman
sees that she needs help
just give to her, freely,
Because she has limits,