On food and eating (a letter to my daughter)

On food and eating

A letter to my daughter

Drink some water

eat nutritious food

that enhances your mood.

Yes – that means some vegetables

but also bread and pies,

cream, pizza, curry –

the food that makes you high.

Listen to your appetite,

stop when you’re full

turn to your elders –

not the girls at school

because older women know

there’s more to life than thin

and your waistline doesn’t indicate

a lose or a win.

Ignore the skinny models

if they make you feel less,

wear whatever clothes you like:

baggy, tight, a dress.

But always aim for comfort

and clothes that fit you well

‘cause when you feel uncomfortable

everyone can tell.

But when you move through life

in clothes that feel right

you look as if you’re gliding;

you glow so very bright.

The last important message

is to move your body freely:

jump, dance, walk, run, cartwheel, stretch

get on a bike, do wheelies.

Enjoy the movement,

feel the burn,

breathe into your body

and soon you’ll learn

that as long as you move,

you can eat as you like –

cheese, crackers, chutney

followed by a hike.

But it’s not a game of calorie-balance

or in fact a game at all –

eat the food, move around

breathe deeply and stand tall.

Be proud of your physique –

whatever it may be –

enjoy what your body can do

not what people see.

Shun media that tells you

to look a certain way

and then you’ll feel free in

your body, night and day.

You can listen to me performing this poem