My poem went viral.

And it says something about how women are feeling.

I’ve had a bit of a wild week.

I shared this poem on Instagram and it went instantly viral.

Thousands of people were liking, commenting and sharing.

Soon, it was being shared by women in the US, as well as the UK.

Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand and more.

The Hollywood actor Busy Philipps shared it on her grid and Man Repeller founder Leandra Medine shared in her Stories.

People were writing captions like: “how did you get into my head?” and “these are my exact thoughts”.

And I was utterly flabbergasted, because I wrote those words while walking home after dropping my kids at school.

I did a few small edits before sharing, but the whole exercise was probably less than 20 minutes.

And yet somehow, it caught people’s attention.

It resonated.

I read it over and over, trying to work out what it was that made it so relatable.

And I concluded that it’s the fact that as women, we have so many expectations heaped on us.

From friends, family, employers, clients, society and – most importantly – ourselves.

So we’re left wanting to do, and be, everything. But also wanting to retreat and do nothing.

I’m so grateful to everyone who shared and sent kind messages.

And a bunch of people wanted a physical copy for their wall or desk, so…

I now have two options in the shop:

1. An A4 print, with an illustration
2. An A5 print – just text

I hope that wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you’re letting yourself think all the thoughts but also have a break.

This is why people meditate, I think.


Annie x