lead me

Lead me

On Saturday, a lovely friend took me for a belated birthday lunch out in a country village.

We agreed on the wine and when the waiter came over for the food order, she said she’d order for us.

She then stopped herself, and said: hold on, it’s your birthday, you should decide.

I told her that I would love her to order the food; to take charge.

At home, I have to make so many decisions all the time. At work too, as there’s no boss telling me what to do.

The idea of being out and someone else making all the decisions felt liberating.

And so she ordered.

And when we finished the food, she ordered a couple of different drinks for us.

And then pudding.

I loved leaning into that dynamic.

Proper birthday treat.

In pairs, whether romantic or friendship, there is often one who takes charge.

The leader.

But it’s worth checking in with the leader and asking if they would like to be led, once in awhile.

Annie x