crispy cockles

Crispy cockles

Crispy cockles dipped in a tangy chilli vinegar. A light mackerel rillette with small slices of poached rhubarb, scooped onto seeded sourdough crisp-breads. A chilled glass of white Rioja, while sat looking out to sea. Whole almonds from Valencia, blanched and oiled and dipped in crystals of salt. The creamiest goat’s cheese spread across the crispest crackers. A pint of local cider while curled up on a sofa, by a roaring wood-burner, surrounded by damp Welsh fields with the greenest grass. Banoffi ice-cream in a waffle cone bought from a kiosk next to the pier. Wasabi leaves drowning in apple cider vinegar dressing, tossed with sauerkraut and eaten on a wooden picnic table, surrounded by fields dotted with sheep and a small patch of fir-tree forest up ahead.