You have full power over your career path

Sometimes we slip into believing other people hold the power to our career success. But that’s simply not true…

For a long time, I thought I was inferior.

That other people had the power to choose my path.

Whether I was selected for a place at university.

Got the job.

Had the article commissioned.

Was given a book deal.

But I’m at a stage in my career now where I’ve realised some big dreams.

The things mentioned above, actually.

And I now know that no one has the power to decide my path.

Except me.

Yes, people can create (and lift) obstacles for me.

But there’s always a way round it.

If I pitch an article and Guardian says no? I try another publication.

When I didn’t get into university?

I informally appealed.

I emailed the course director. And I got in through the back door.

Recently, I was in talks with someone who I thought may help my career.

Then she left me hanging.


When she returned, without much explanation, I didn’t accept her behaviour.

I decided to move on without her, instead.

Because no one has power over my career except me.

I will be rejected. Ignored. Told no. Have doors slammed in my face.

And if it’s still worth pursuing, I’ll find another way in.

But if it’s not, I’ll try something else.

No one has power over you.

Even if, sometimes, it feels like they do.

You just need to be creative about how to make those dreams come true.

And the harder you work at it, the more satisfying it is when it happens.

Take back the power. Xx

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