The e-learning market said to be worth $272b by 2022. Get in on it

Online courses are rapidly growing in popularity – people like the flexibility of working from anywhere, in their own time and the lower cost of e-learning. So I’m teaching people how to launch their own courses…

I’ve just been looking at some stats and it turns out I’ve now had over 400 people do one of my online courses since May. The best thing? Lots of those people have come back for a second course, or even a third, which feels like the very best feedback possible. There are also 262 people in the closed Facebook group that you get access to when you join a course, and there are so many inspiring, supportive, helpful posts being shared there every day.

This e-learning market is huge and only set to grow; by 2022 it’s estimated to be worth over $272 billion globally. That’s because we want to keep learning, but on our own terms. As busy women, some with children and a career, it’s the flexibility that appeals: you can learn on your commute, or once the kids are settled in bed – without having to be in a specific place at a specific time.

I’m delighted to be offering up courses to help people to go freelance, start a business or grow an existing one. But also, to be teaching people how to launch their own online courses and get in on the passive income that can be earned from running an online course; again, particularly attractive for working mums who want to set up something they can run from the kitchen table but that pays a lot more than your average office job. And the hours are part-time. And it’s fun. And you’re sharing your knowledge, which feels good.

If you’d like to launch an online course, I have an online course (still with me?) that teaches you all you need to know about how to package up your expertise into a course and sell it. It’s a simple, no fuss, everything-I-know course and proven to work. I’ve had people follow my tips and advice, launch their own course and sell enough spaces to make back the course fee (£97) almost instantly. My course starts Monday, so you’ll need to sign up before then. But you don’t have to login right away; you’ll have access for six months. Any qus, ask away…

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