Talking to camera with confidence

Keen to incorporate more video into your marketing; particularly with you talking to camera – but feel silly doing it? I can help…

I felt like an absolute idiot when I first started talking into my camera phone to share on Instagram Stories or YouTube. Even if I was home alone, no one listening, I just didn’t feel comfortable. But I knew that it was good for building an audience, better engagement and encouraging click-throughs – so I got over my embarrassment and learned how to talk to camera confidently.

Soon, I was able to not only film my own videos but also to be filmed by others so that I could create professional videos for my website and online courses. Around 80% of all online marketing will soon be video-based; it’s how people like absorbing information. So if you have a service, product or idea to sell or share – it’s important that you are able to include this in your marketing strategy.

Now, people ask me how I do it. So I had a think about the tools I use to feel comfortable in front of the camera and designed a mini online course. Week 1 is eight lessons – seven from me, plus one from the brilliant Victoria Hargreaves ( on Instagram; with a whopping 90,000+ followers). She gets 15-20,000 hits on her Stories each day and shared her secrets for filming herself confidently.

Week 2 is a five-day challenge, getting you filming yourself each day (just a tiny little film) and sharing it online. So by the end of the course, you’ll have all the tools and confidence you need to be hopping on Insta/Facebook Stories, or creating films for your website and any other marketing purposes.

What d’you reckon; ready to start talking to camera with confidence? The course costs a very reasonable £25 and you can sign up here.


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