Our household income has more than doubled in the past few months

Not so long ago, the thought of buying paint made me panic a bit. But then our household income more than doubled and life now feels quite different…

Last summer, we put the kids to bed each evening and I got out my little ladder and brushes and painted the sitting room (half pink, half green). We didn’t even consider hiring a painter/decorator, as we just didn’t have the budget. In fact, even buying pot-after-pot of paint made me sweat a bit.

We were earning enough to pay bills, food, clothes – all essentials, and a few extras – but not for spending a few hundred pounds on paint (comfortably). Every few months, we’d sit and budget – look at our income and outgoings – and always concluded that we needed £64,000, in total, to live comfortably. Not lavishly; just to live the life that suited us. But we were falling short of that.

Then in April, I launched my first online course. It sold out quickly so I launched another. And another. There was clearly an appetite for online courses teaching women how to become their own boss and freelancers/business owners how to become more successful. I went with it and after a few more months, set up as a limited company: Annie Ridout Ltd.

I run the business from home, with my husband. And this year, we’re set to earn more than double the amount noted above; that we used to aim for. Life feels quite different. We don’t have to worry about money. It’s liberating. It definitely doesn’t bring happiness on its own but it does ease stress.

If you would like to set up your own online course – perhaps you have a clear idea of what it will be on but now how to execute it; or need help refining the idea – I’m now running an online course called ‘How to launch a successful online course’.

It starts next Monday but you can dip in and out in your own time and have access for six months, so no rush. It costs £97, which you’ll make back very quickly. Over 100 people have taken the course already and are now launching their own brilliant courses and earning £££.

And that pink paint? It’s still going strong. We’ve just used the leftovers to spruce up an Ikea storage unit.

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