I’ve been working seven days a week. It’s time to change this

It’s time to grow the team, and create some work-life boundaries. Here’s how I’m doing it…

When I launched my first online course a year ago, I had no idea that it would turn into an online business that would support my whole family.

But it has.

And I’m delighted, because I get to do the three things I love:

1. Write (the courses)
2. Teach other people new skills
3. Build a community of freelancers and entrepreneurs who support each other.

And this business is continuing to grow.

We have Rich (my husband) as marketing manager. Claire doing web design. A bookkeeper. An accountant. And, as of today … A VA (virtual assistant) called Katie.

So in order to free up my time, so that I can continue writing courses – like this one; launching next month – all tech support emails will now be answered by Katie.

And there’s a new email address for this: support@annieridout.com.

From now on, if you need tech support – anything to do with course access, logging in – please use the support email for that.

And, importantly, please note that the emails will be responded to during ‘office hours’ (Monday-Friday, 9-5pm).

Because while I love being able to respond as quickly as I can 24/7, I’ve realised I need to create some work/life boundaries for myself.

So if you’re keen to work on a course over the weekend and haven’t logged in before, please make sure you trial it in the week, in case there’s an issue.

Usually there isn’t, but I don’t want you to get all excited about getting stuck into a course only to discover you can’t log in.

So there you go.

A growing team. More support for me (and everyone else). And some important delegation.

But if you want to email me directly about anything else (a course you’re interested in, an idea you’ve had, successes, general thoughts) – I’m still here.

And I love hearing from you.


Annie (and the team) x

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