How to sell spaces on your online course

You launch an online course. Maybe sell a few spaces. Or not even that. And then think: why did I waste my time creating this course? Well, you haven’t. You just need to know how to market and sell it…

Last March, I launched my first online course on a complete whim. I wasn’t earning enough money, was always dipping into my overdraft, and I was fed up.

So I created an online course teaching people how to do their own PR.

When the 10 spaces sold out, I was elated. That was £3000 in the bank. More than I was earning each month from all my freelance gigs put together.

I decided to try a second month, and a third. And the amount of sign-ups kept growing. It quickly turned into a proper online course business and Rich, my husband, quit his job as a builder to grow it with me.

What we soon realised is that while I could sell directly to my (brilliant) Instagram followers initially, there was a limit. We needed to reach new people, too.

And so Rich started geeking up on Facebook and Instagram ads. Email marketing. Content – across your website and all social channels.

And I started to perfect my ‘sales’ technique – closing the sale, securing repeat custom. These are boring terms but this is the part of the job that gives me a real thrill.

We so enjoy selling online courses. And we’ve always wanted to bring everyone in on our marketing and sales strategy but it had to be right – as useful as possible – and now we’ve worked it out.

Our new online course: ‘How to sell spaces on your online course‘ is a comprehensive guide selling your own courses.

It covers:

  • Content creation across your website and social platforms (to warm up your audience)
  • Facebook/Instagram ads strategy
  • Funnels
  • Direct selling on Instagram
  • Email marketing – selling, regular mailouts – and closing the sale.

It’s the exact strategy we use to sell spaces on our courses (and we’ve sold well over a thousand).

You’ll learn so many skills that can applied to selling anything. And Rich will be on-hand to answer your marketing qus during the course, via a dedicated Facebook group.


We’re offering a whopping £100 ‘early bird’ discount if you book now, using coupon code: READYTOSELL.

Simply click here: How to sell spaces on your online course – then add the coupon code at checkout.

Course starts 18th May 2020.

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