Got a product or service to sell? Press coverage will help with this

If you’d like to secure press coverage for your business, you need to learn how to pitch. I can teach you, for just £67…

When I started my parenting and lifestyle magazine The Early Hour, I knew very little about PR. I’d written freelance articles – so I had an idea about pitching to newspapers – but I didn’t realise that the same rules apply when you have a business you’d like to see featured in the press.

Soon, I’d learnt how to get editors and journalists paying attention to me and The Early Hour. I got featured in the Sunday Times (twice in the same edition, in fact). Also the Telegraph, the Guardian. I spoke on Jeremy Vine and Woman’s Hour. And every time, I got a mention in about – and link to – my digital platform.

What this meant is that I got loads of new readers, and developed kudos within the industry. Journalists started coming to me when they wanted comment on a news story surrounding mornings or motherhood. Editors commissioned me to write for the nationals and major women’s magazines.

If you’re running a business, you need people visiting your website and buying your product or service. Being featured in the media – radio, podcasts, newspapers, TV, websites, blogs, magazines – will help, immeasurably. It will also boost your profile.

That’s how my courses took off; people trusted me, as they could see my PR success.

Want the same for yourself?

My four-week online course ‘DIY PR: How to secure your own press coverage‘ will teach you everything you need to know. And I’ve just added a new element: there will be weekly Facebook Live sessions, so you can ask me anything you like about that week’s module, the exercise I’ve set or anything else – PR-related.

It’s like an hour’s group consultancy – thrown in. Basically, I did my first Live session yesterday and really enjoyed it. But it also reminded me how important it is to be connecting with everyone on the courses.

If you sign up today, you’ll still benefit from the Early Bird discount – £30 OFF – which makes the whole course, including access to the Facebook live, just £67. Offer ends tonight.

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