Give the (green) gift of knowledge

I had this email recently from a man who wanted to buy one of my online courses for his partner. She’s about to return to work after maternity leave with twins and he said she had some brilliant ideas around knitting, craft and sustainability for an online course.

This is such a positive, encouraging gesture. In relationships, it’s so important to support each other and this includes with work. If one of you is unhappy with your career, it can spread negativity into other parts of your life together.

So big up the men investing in their partner’s future careers. It makes me very happy to hear this. And off the back of that email, I decided to create gift vouchers to make it easier to buy someone a course. The recipient can then choose which one they like the sound of.

The world is pretty fucked from material waste so buying an online voucher for an online course is basically as GREEN as you can get. Eco warriors, I’m doing my bit, you see. By selling skills not physical objects.

These vouchers could be a great maternity leave gift for someone who hates her job. Or a friend who’s feeling unsure, career-wise. Your mum, who wants to learn more about PR. Or your talented sister/pal who needs a shove up the bum to put her skills into an online course and start earning decent dollar.

So, pals, spread the word. Invest in your loved one’s future careers. When we are all our own bosses we will TAKE OVER THE WORLD. Down with the patriarchy and global warming, up with women smashing it in business. All from a simple gift voucher.

And send it to your family, friends and partner as a little hint, if you’re keen to join one of the courses yourself.


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