Dr Jessamy Hibberd: Q&A with Annie Ridout

Dr Jessamy Hibberd – a clinical psychologist with a brilliant Instagram account – interviewed me about where I find inspiration, advice for my 16-year-old self, the things I feel grateful for, and more…

Here’s Dr Jessamy Hibberd’s intro to the interview –

For my next Q&A I’m delighted to have Annie Ridout on the blog. I’m yet to meet Annie IRL, but she very kindly gave me a guest blog spot on her brilliant online lifestyle and parenting magazine The Early Hour, last November. I remember my excitement when she said yes to my blog on the early days of motherhood and it was so nice to have such a warm and lovely response to my request!

Annie is founder and editor-in-chief of The Early Hour, as well as a freelance journalist (The Guardian, Red Magazine), a regular blogger for BabyCentre and a copywriter (she’s currently creating the copy for a new app, aimed at women). She regularly speaks about parenting and feminist issues on radio and TV and is speaking at Stylist Live next month.

I love reading The Early Hour. The range of topics is excellent, I love finding out about other families and businesses and it’s not afraid to cover all subjects from funny to serious, shocking to sad.

I found myself nodding along at lots of Annie’s answers and am very excited about the possibility of an early hour book and podcast!

Thank you Annie for all your brilliant answers and being part of my blog!

You can read Dr Jessamy Hibberd’s Q&A with me here.

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