Don’t let Imposter Syndrome stop you from being productive

I was sorting through some photos recently and this old name badge fell out.

It was 2014, and I was working as a copywriter for a film-streaming company.

But I also blogged about feminist issues, on the side, and so I took a day off work to go to this @tedxwhitehallwomen event.

When I bought my ticket, they asked for my website. And I thought: why would they be interested in that? It’s just a blog.

So I left that section blank.

Then I arrived at the event and it opened with ‘networking’.

Ie. Walk into a room of women you’ve never met and strike up a conversation.

They were all directors of big companies or worked for national newspapers or did something else impressive.

I felt like the biggest imposter.

Me, a no-one blogger, amongst all these impressive women.

But I decided to be brave and I went and spoke to lots of women; feeling like a child in terms of the power dynamic.

They ask me questions. I asked them questions. There was mutual respect, in spite of me being on a much lower ‘rung’.

Then the talks began. And they were amazing.

I was so inspired.

And I was really glad I went.

But if I could go back in time, I’d have added ‘blogger’ or ‘writer’ to my name badge – and my website.

Because I now know that doing ANYTHING is doing SOMETHING.

And we should be proud of our blogs and charity work and hobbies and projects.

Even if we aren’t (YET) being paid to do them.

And rather than telling ourselves no one will be interested – give them the chance to be interested.

In my new course on ‘How to be more productive’, I cover Imposter Syndrome.

Because I’ve had it. And still do.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t move forward. It just requires a (big) mindset shift.

We need to change the narratives we tell ourselves.

Because ‘Imposter Syndrome’ isn’t something others diagnose us with, it’s something we feel ourselves.

And that we have the power to change.

Learn how to overcome Imposter Syndrome, fear of failure and perfectionism in my new course: How to be more productive.

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