Do Facebook ads actually work?

I’m going to tell you something embarrassing. You can laugh. And judge…

When I first set up a Facebook ad, I had no idea what I was doing.

I went into Facebook, selected a piece of content from my website (The Early Hour) to promote and twiddled with the ‘targeting’ options.

The ad went out and I spent just under £10 per clickthrough. So for each person who clicked the link to The Early Hour, I paid Facebook nearly a tenner.

Now, if I’d been selling an expensive product, I wouldn’t have minded so much.

Spending £10 to sell something worth £500 is fine.

But I wasn’t selling anything. I wasn’t even collecting email addresses. I was basically throwing a £10 note out the window and watching it fly away.

Fortunately, I quickly realised this wasn’t right and brought my husband, Rich, in to help me set up Facebook/Instagram ads.

Rich knows about how to write good ad copy and select the right image.

He knows how to get ads in front of people who are likely to be interested in the product.

He knows the importance of testing, tweaking and optimising the ads.

And, crucially, he knows what ads should actually be used for.

If you’re setting up a Facebook ad, it should be because you have something to sell.

And then you use the ad to reach people who already follow you and know you, or to get your product/service in front of new potential customers. People who will be interested.

This is what we’re teaching in our new course ‘How to sell spaces on your online course‘. How to set up Facebook ads so that they work.

Because now we use Facebook ads as part of our marketing and sales strategy. And we get good results.

For the course, Rich has created a series of brilliant videos walking you through the whole ‘Facebook ads’ process – from setting up the ad, to targeting, testing, re-targeting, analysing the results and making adjustments until the ad is as good as it can be.

And there are also course modules on: creating and sharing the right content to ‘warm up’ your social media followers so that you can sell directly to them, email marketing and ‘closing the sale’.

If you’re interested in the above, you can join the course. Sales close Sunday. And Rich will be on-hand in a closed Facebook group to answer all course-related questions during the course.

It’s gonna be BIG. People are going to join this course and set up longterm selling strategies that work. It’s everything that we do to sell spaces on our courses, explained simply.

Want in?

Book before sales close:How to sell spaces on your online course

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