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Would you like one-to-one consultancy with me? Here’s what my 7-week consultancy package includes…

I recently received a card from Joanne, founder of Magpie & Co, who I worked with one-to-one.

She signed up with a business idea, and ended having launched a business.

A really good one.

I set her tasks to help her work through branding, website, social media, PR.

And she did it.


Anyway, in her card, she wrote the following.

‘Thank you for believing in Magpie & Co even before I did.’

And I genuinely welled up.

Because feeling as if I’ve been a part of helping someone bring their business idea to fruition means so much to me.

She, of course, did all the hard work.

But I was there to tell her she was ready, and capable – and offer ideas for strategy.

Now, I want to work with more women who are ready to make their business happen.

Or pivot it.

Or grow it, because they know there’s potential but can’t see how to scale it.

This work makes me feel ALIVE.

So I will be opening up a VERY limited number of spaces to do this work with me, one-to-one, in September.

There’s an application process, because I only want to work with people whose idea/business has wings.

I won’t take someone on if I’m not sure I can help them.

And I’m going to be up-front about the cost.

Because if it’s not financially feasible, I don’t want to waste your time applying.

For this in-take, it’s payment upfront. No discounts, no instalments.

It’s for people ready and able to invest in launching or growing a business.

If you’re keen to join but can’t afford it, I know this might feel frustrating and unfair.

And I know, because I’ve been there.

But what I’d suggest is taking online business courses – mine, and/or other people’s – to pick up skills.

Use them to grow an existing business or start a new one.

And then, when it feels financially comfortable, invest in one-to-one consultancy to get to the next stage.

We will be offering one free space, with grant, on our online business programme.

That’s with me and Rich, and is separate to what I’m talking about here.

Details coming in September.

This one-to-one work with me is £3750 for seven weeks.

That’s for …

  • Two phone calls.
  • Access to all our seven online business courses.
  • And unlimited mid-week email consultancy.

I’ll be setting you reading, exercises and challenges.

And it’s going to be hard work. You will need to work hard. But I’ll be there to support you.

Really support you.

You can apply now.

Once the spaces are taken, there will be no more like this until 2021.

We will start working together on Monday 14th September.

But as soon as you’re ‘in’, you’ll have access to all the courses.

Ready to start or grow your business?

Apply now, and I’ll be in contact with those I know I can help, to tell you how.

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