Become your own Boss, and support a woman in need

With all profits from my ‘Become your own Boss’ online course now going to Refuge, there’s a lovely circle of women-supporting-women…

I’ve been running online courses for women in business – or who want to be – for a while.

And there’s one thing that’s always felt a bit awkward.

When I lost my job, after giving birth, I didn’t have much money.

I’d saved £10,000 – and had maternity pay (about £500 a month).

But that had to last me indefinitely.

There was no job to return to.

So when, a year later, all my savings had run out and maternity pay had ended – I was broke.

And I still didn’t have a job.

What I needed was an online course that would teach me how to start a business.

But I didn’t know that.

Eventually, I started building a freelance career as a writer and editor.

It took off, and I was making enough money to live.

Then I started running online courses, and my financial situation really changed.

I started a savings account.

My husband came on-board to run this new online course business with me.

One of the first courses was the exact one I’d needed after having a baby and feeling lost.

It’s called Become your own Boss – and it teaches you exactly how to do that.

But it’s always be hard to price, because if someone is at the start of their business journey, it’s likely the funds are limited.

So I decided, ore recently, to make that course ‘pay what you can’.

The lower price is £35, because making a course ‘free’ devalues it.

Also, paying for a course – even if the fee is only a fraction of what it should be – motivates you to actually do the course.

After I made this change, the orders started flowing in.

All these women who’d really wanted to do the Become your own Boss course but couldn’t afford it at the higher price now could.

It felt great.

But I wanted to do something with the profits of these course sales, so I decided I will donate them to domestic violence charity Refuge.

In the first week, I was able to send £2000 to Refuge.

And I’ll continue to send the profits of that course their way.

This arrangement means that women who’ve lost their jobs, or are unemployed, can learn how to start a business or go freelance, for a very affordable price.

And in investing in themselves, and their career, they are supporting another woman who is desperate need of help.

A woman who has just escaped an abusive relationship.

Women supporting women.

If you’d like to go freelance or start a business (or pivot an existing one), you might like to join my Become your own Boss course. And then you, too, will be supporting other women.

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