Apparently I’m intelligent. But not too intelligent

When a client described me as ‘intelligent. But not too intelligent’, I wasn’t sure if it was a compliment or an insult. But I settled on the former. Here’s why…

I was working with a client and she described me as intelligent.

But not too intelligent.

At first, I thought: what do you mean; that I’m not really very clever?

And then I thought: actually, I love that.

It’s exactly what I aim for with my writing.

That it’s easy to understand but explores some interesting ideas.

That it’s accessible.

I have done the academic writing.

I’ve got a few polysyllabic words in my vocab.

Including ‘polysyllabic’.

I’ve read some fancy books on feminism.

And linguistics.

With complex themes.

That took me months to get my head around.

Years, even.

But with my writing, I stick to plain language.

Because I think it better conveys my message.

So I’ll happily take ‘intelligent but not too intelligent.’.

How would you like to be described?

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