Your skills and experience

As we move through life, we’re constantly picking up new skills and experience. Every difficult conversation you have with someone teaches you a bit more about human behaviour and how to perhaps deal better with a similar situation another time. Every job you do teaches you something about what you do or don’t enjoy, as well as helping you to gain experience in that field.

So, what skills and experience have you picked up over the years?

Challenge 3: I’d like you to write down three skills you have that you’re proud of. Perhaps you’re good at listening, or coming up with new ideas. Maybe you’re good with deadlines or communicating with people face-to-face. Think of three. Next, ask your partner or a friend or family member what they think your top three skills are. Lastly, note three areas of work that you have experience in. This could be managing people, writing, caring for others, making films, thinking up campaigns. Circle the one that you’re most proud of, or excited by.

If you try to do these exercises and become frustrated, it’s worth taking a break – going for a walk, if you can, or just sticking your head out the front or back door and getting some air. Sometimes, I find changing the room that I’m in brings fresh ideas. I went for a nap on the sofa when my son was napping recently and when I started to relax, I came up with the idea for this course. I didn’t nap but allowing myself the time to unwind with no pressure opened the floodgates for new ideas.