Why use Instagram for business?

The obvious answer is: to sell stuff. But this shouldn’t be the attitude you go in with.

Instead, you want to be using Instagram for building your brand.

78% of consumers makes purchasing decisions based on a brand’s social media.

So you want to make sure your Instagram is looking and feeling GOOD.

But before we begin, I’d like to hop in and say that I bloody love Instagram as a platform. It’s supportive, creative and inspiring.

And that’s why I’ve chosen to focus on it as the social media platform to grow my own profile, as a writer – and to develop the brand side of The Robora.

Right, let’s get started…

Brand VS business

In case a reminder is helpful. Your business is the company you run to sell your product/services through. And your brand is the identity of that business.

It’s about how people feel when they see your logo, website design, the copy on your about page, the colours you use for your posts on social media.

It’s the whole package around your business: the look, sound, feel of it.

Brand-building on Instagram

So, with that in mind, when we say ‘using Instagram for business’ – we’re talking about using it to build and develop your brand, which is the front-facing part of your business.

A brand is about a general feel.

And Instagram is a great platform for introducing you, as founder, as well as your product/service. But also bringing people into your brand; showing them what you’re all about.

Let’s take The Robora.

I want women who follow us on Instagram to feel that we share useful information. That it’s easy to read and understand. That we simplify seemingly complicated concepts.

So, in three words, we aim to be: useful, informative, simple.

And so we keep this in mind when we’re putting out content.

That’s the brand side of it.

And the business side? We sell online courses and consultancy for women in online business (or who want to be).

So we use Instagram to showcase our knowledge of online business. We share tips for designing your own online courses, digital marketing.

We share new podcast episodes, that also aim to be ‘useful’, and ‘informative’.

Then when we launch a new course or constancy package, anyone who has found those (free) tips helpful may like to join.