What’s your niche?

If you feel your focus is more general, perhaps you could look at past testimonials, if you have some, and pull out some of your clients ideas for what you’re particularly good at.

Is there a niche that your clients can see but that you can’t?

Sometimes, you fall into a niche without planning to.

For instance, I trained as a journalist and wrote general news initially. But after I had my daughter, I started writing a bit about parenting. And then I launched The Early Hour (a parenting platform) and soon, people were deciding that my ‘niche’ within journalism was ‘parenting’.

I’m no parenting expert, but it was the focus of my writing, and so I went with it.

And ended up writing a book about it.

Perhaps within your more general line of work, you’re pulled towards a specific style/type of customer or client?

It’s great if you’re clear on your specialism, and who you’re aiming to reach with your products/services.

And if you’re feeling a bit lost, why not ask your existing followers? I do this every so often, to see what people are following me for. So I put out a poll on my @annieridout account, asking whether people were following for mum stuff or work stuff.

Here are the results…


But I also got a load of direct messages (DMs), saying: ‘both’.

So now I know – a mixture of mum/work stuff is what people are after with that account. But it’s always worth checking in to see if your posts are still working for your followers.

More on ‘polls’ in the Instagram Stories section.