What time of the day should I post?

If you want to know the best time of the day to post on Instagram, you can Google it and you’ll see something like this..

Now, there are two ways of measuring this.

  1. Instagram can see when its platform is most active.
  2. Users can see when they get the most engagement on their posts.

BUT if you start posting, as I did, at 5am each morning, people may well come looking for your posts when they’re woken early in the morning by their baby.

And so you can create your own patterns of engagement.

If you want an exact time to post, though, I’d say:

  • Early morning is good – so your post is the first one people see when they check their phone in the morning (algorithm allowing).
  • Then lunchtime can work well – as people scroll while eating.
  • And then in the evenings, once work is finished and the kids are in bed (if that’s relevant to your audience), people scroll again.

But basically, you can decide when it suits you to post and stick with that. How the algorithm works is that the more people who like and comment on your post, the more people Instagram shows it to.

So you could post at 10pm, and it kicks off. People are so excited, they start sharing it – and it reaches everyone’s feeds by morning.

Or you could post at a supposed ‘prime time’ but create something that people aren’t interested in and it doesn’t do well, and no one engages and so Instagram lets it disappear into the ether.