What should my online business be?

You may have a job that translates easily into freelance work that can be done from home, or a skill that can be turned into a digital product or service. Either way, we’ll take a look at your deep-rooted passions, skills and experience and through a combination of practical and creative exercises, you should end up with a clearer idea about what the focus of your business should be.

When you’re working in a job that isn’t enjoyable any more, it can be hard to plan your escape route. Often, our motivation is zapped by the mundane routine.

And if we do get time away from that job – perhaps while on maternity leave, during a sabbatical or while furloughed – big plans to launch a multi-million pound business may fall by the wayside as we realise:

1. Our confidence has dipped. And…

2. We don’t actually have a business idea.

Here are two questions to get you started:

Are you keen to turn your existing career into a freelance one that can be done from home; using the skills and experience you’ve already developed?

Or would you like to try something completely new (though still most likely using some of your existing skills in some way)?

You don’t have to answer them now, though. First, there are some exercises I’d love you to try to get you thinking creatively about where you’re at now and where you’d like to be…

1. What are your core values?

In order to start thinking about how you’d like your work-life to look, it’s important to think about what matters most to you in life; your values. These should be applicable to your work-life as well as home-life; they should run between the two.

If, for instance, ‘family’ is something you value above many other things – you need to ensure you’re having enough family time. Equally, if ‘ambition’ is up there on your list of what matters to you in life, you need to ensure you’re exercising that desire to push yourself.

Challenge 1 (15 minutes): Below is a link to a long list of words (or values). You can download and print it out or just have a read through online. If you print it out, highlight the words that mean the most to you. If you’re reading it online, write them out in a list. Don’t overthink it, just jot them down if they resonate. And feel free to add others that aren’t on the list.

*List of values*

Once you’ve highlighted or written down all the values that matter to you, reduce that list to 10. And once you’ve done that, see if you can get it down to just three. These three values should carry through every aspect of your life. They should be applied to home, work, relationships, friendships, you.

Now, when you think of your career to date, can you apply those three values to what you’ve been working on, and the way you’ve worked? If not, it’s time to reassess. If you can, perhaps it’s about finding a way to do the same work that you’ve been doing for someone else but now doing it for yourself – from home.

I love the way business coach Suzy Ashworth talks about values and how to use them to work out what your path should be, or what opportunities you should take (or not). Here she is, sharing her wisdom…

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