What content should you be posting?

The idea with using Instagram for your business is that you’re…

  1. Building your brand.
  2. Adding value (giving stuff away for free).

And you want all your content to work within your niche. So don’t be posting about dogs if you’re a maths teacher or baking bread if you’re creating courses on social media management.

Also, it’s important that you don’t just make every post a sales post. You want to be sharing tips, anecdotes, tricks, advice, stories.

You want people to feel excited when they see your posts pop up, rather than thinking: oh, it’s her and her bloody course again.

I make sure I’m sharing tips about how to grow your online business – marketing tips, mindset stuff – so that my followers won’t be annoyed when I make an announcement that sales are now open.

But the majority of my posts are just sharing ideas. Helping people with the thing that I’m focusing on with my business: online business.

So keep your content niche. If you’re a yoga teacher, write about yoga. If you’re a vegetarian chef, write about making veggie meals.