Visuals and captions

For your Stories, you can use the ‘create’ mode and have different-coloured backgrounds with writing overlaid.

Or you can have a Story where the camera faces you, and you talk. If you’re doing this, I’d recommend adding captions. This makes your videos more accessible, as people often don’t/can’t listen with sound. I write all my captions out, but there are apps you can use too.

Then there are loads of different filters to make your look better/silly etc. You can experiment with these.

If you want to show a new product, you could do a ‘Boomerang’ which films you for a couple of seconds and then keeps repeating the shot. So if you hold a product up to camera then put it in front of your face, the Boomerang will have the product quickly shifting between close-up and in front of your face.

Again, just experiment. Try all these things out.

And if you’re talking to camera, ‘hands free’ option is useful.