Using your niche on Instagram

We talked earlier about your niche, within the wider industry.

Now, the clearer – and more specific – you are on what you’re offering, and who it’s for; the more people will see you – and the content you’re sharing on Instagram – and think: right, this is for ME.

And that’s what we want.

Because then, when you say: do you know I sell (product/service), they may well like to buy it.

The aim, in terms of using Instagram for business:

You want to show off your knowledge and expertise. Your followers should see/read your posts and feel as if they have been gifted something (new knowledge, a moment of joy, a new yoga sequence to try…etc).

And you want to keep them feeling that way. Make them happy, nurture them.

Then they won’t mind when you occasionally tell them you have something for sale.

So understanding your niche is important, as this will inform the design of your feed, and the content you share.