Stories highlights

On your grid, there’s the option to add ‘Stories Highlights’. So this might include ‘tips’, ‘testimonials’, ‘clients’. Though you want to keep the words short so that they fit.

It can also work well to have ‘About me’ – and here, you can include a string of Stories where you introduce yourself and your business.

You can see my ‘Stories Highlights’ – they’re the colourful circles…

You can change the cover photo of your highlights by clicking ‘edit highlight’, ‘edit cover’. And selecting a photo from your camera roll. You can also zoom in on photos, if you want to just select a section of your brand colours.

Then when you create Stories, if they fit under your ‘highlights’ categories, you can watch them back and click ‘highlight’ on the bottom right, and it will be added to the Highlights section that you select.

So you might record some Stories, talking to camera, about you as founder. Then watch them back, click the ‘highlight’ option on each of them and add them to your ‘About me’ Stories highlight.