Sharing wins

When you start selling, tell your followers. Most of us have a rather ‘sheeplike’ mentality whereby if someone else says it’s good, we think it must be. A bit like when you are choosing a restaurant and one’s empty, while its neighbour is full. Which one do you choose?

So celebrate your first sale. And second. And third, fourth, fifth. Tell people. It’s always good to have something exciting going on. This is exciting. Be energised, share the good stuff. And it will very likely persuade your next customer to just sign up/buy too.

Share the successful ‘selling’ posts on other platforms

If you put out an Instagram post, selling your product, and people respond really well – let’s say you write a little story, and it just resonates – you can rehash that story on all your platforms. Likewise, if you write a blog post that gets traction, or an email that lots of people reply to saying: this is so good!

I wrote a story in an email, about expensive hand-soap and how for a long time, I couldn’t ever imagine being able to afford it. And suddenly remembering this, as my Aesop soap order arrived. People liked it, and bought my bundle of courses after reading it, so I put it in a blog post, too.

If you want to sell on Instagram, you need to think of it as part of your strategy, not the whole thing. So put out the occasional post about your course, and talk about it in your Stories, but do this alongside blogging, tweeting, LinkedIn, Facebook ads. Because you want to be popping up everywhere – you and your product – and to engage people on each of the platforms.

But it’s so, SO important than most of your posts and Stories are about your field/industry/niche. The good stuff. The useful stuff. And then just occasionally mention your product. Otherwise people will get sick of hearing about it and unfollow or disengage.