Set your goals, dreams and ambitions… Copy

Listen here (or read, below)

Welcome. Let’s go in with a BANG and talk dreams. Goals. Ambitions. Where we’re headed, business-wise.

Now, if you’re a pen and paper type, you can step away from the screen and The Online Business Programme Workbook.

But if you’re happy here, you can read or listen to these dream and goal-setting questions, and note your answers in a Word doc.

Either way, it’s fun coming back to these answers once the programme is complete to see how far you’ve come.

So, the best place to start is at the end, as in: where you want to get to after completing this programme.

And that will definitely involve MONEY. The financial stuff. As well as other goals, dreams, ambitions.

Here are some questions for you…

  1. In one sentence (10 words max), describe your business…
  2. What are your top three business goals?
  3. How much do you NEED to be earning each month? (At the very least)
  4. How much would you LIKE to be earning each month? (No limits here)
  5. Your online course: how much passive income would you like it to be earning you each month?
  6. Client work: how many clients would you like each month, and what are they paying you per hour/day?
  7. What strategies have you tried for selling/finding new clients? (Eg. PR, social media, Facebook ads…)
  8. Where would you love to see your business featured? (magazines, newspapers, podcasts, blogs etc)
  9. When do you work on your business; do you have other commitments (job/kids), and how many hours are usually available each week?
  10. You have a magic wand. Where is your business, one year from now?

If you fancy sharing your answers in the Facebook group, wonderful. We’d love to hear your plans. But it’s also, of course, completely fine to do this just for you.