Set a target

When I was starting out on Twitter, I worked with a brand strategist and he suggested I set a target for growing my following. We decided to aim for 1000 followers in a month. That felt HUGE and completely impossible. But I did it.

The next month, I aimed for another 1000. And again, I did it.

The third month? I didn’t set a target and in the past four years, I’ve only grown my following by a further 1000 people.

When you set a target, you’re focused on achieving it. It means you go into the app more, you look for tips for growing your following.

Maybe you engage more with other people’s content – share it, like it.

Maybe you interview people, so that they might share your posts.

I’d urge you to set yourself an exciting but realistic target. So you could try 1000 people in a month. It’s a big target, but it’s not impossible.

And as you get close to it, talk about it in your Stories. Tell people you’re getting close, and would love to hit your target. And they will start sharing this in their Stories, to encourage others to follow you and help you reach 1000.

Instagram is a supportive platform; people love helping others to reach their goals.