Scheduling posts

I use Planoly to schedule my Instagram posts. It’s great because I can see how it will look on the grid, and I don’t have to go into the app to post.

What I was finding is that every time I went in to publish a new post, I’d get sucked into scrolling – and I was wasting too much time.

So I set a ‘time limit’ on my iPhone of 15 minutes a day on Instagram. This means I only go in to respond to comments, have a little scroll and leave a few comments, and then my time is up.

I used to use Hootsuite to schedule content, as I could tweak the same post I was sharing on Instagram so that it worked for Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

But now I just create my post in Planoly and ask it to share to Facebook and Twitter. It means the posts aren’t properly written for the other platforms, but I’m not so worried about that. It’s just about keeping the feeds busy.

In terms of engagement, though, the general feeling is that if you post on Instagram, it’s good to be available to go in and respond to comments people leave quite quickly.

Instagram wants to keep people in the app (and make more $$$ from advertising) so if you post, people comment, you comment back – you’re all staying in the app. And it may be that Instagram will reward this behaviour by putting your post in front of more people.

But it’s all a bit of a mystery, really.

The only thing we know for sure is that if you write something brilliant and share it on Instagram – once the ball is rolling, it will keep rolling faster.

And the time of day, or whether you’re in the app to engage, isn’t really what’s going to make the most impact.

To ‘win’ on Instagram, you need to be sharing good content that people like and want more of.