Resist the urge to only SELL

Once you have something to sell, and it’s selling via your Instagram followers, it’s tempting to keep reminding them that you have that thing that you sell. Resist the urge to make every post a sales one. I see this done time and time again and people just get bored.

You need to mostly not be selling, mostly adding value to their feeds – sharing tips, asking questions, giving ideas for exercises, challenges; things that aren’t just about your product/service.

And then when every 10 posts or so you mention your product/service, people feel like “that’s okay, it’s not annoying” – because you have given them so much in all your other posts.

That said, in the lead-up to a new product launching, I think it can work to have a week or so when you’re excitedly talking about it a lot. Maybe sharing specific tips/stories related to what it is that you’re launching.

People will feed off your energy, but do make sure there are still other conversations happening, as this makes people more open to the selling.