Prepare people for your sales opening

Rather than going straight in with: I HAVE A NEW COURSE AND BUY IT NOW. It’s wise to start warming up your followers.

I tend to say: I’m thinking about doing a course on selling courses, would people be up for this?

Get the idea in their minds. And then create some content around it – tips, stories. This means by the time sales open, they are ready. People will be excited. Waiting.

With one of my courses, I mentioned that sales would be opening the following Monday and I had people messaging me about it.

I even had a neighbour say: oh, I saw on Instagram you’re opening sales for your new course on Monday. He works in marketing.

If people are interested in what you’re selling, and they should be – if your content is making it clear where your expertise lie – they will want to hear about how you can help them.