Post VS Stories

A post on your grid should be considered, and something that you want people to potentially keep returning to. But in your Stories, there’s scope for more ‘real life’.

This might be ‘behind the scenes’ tours of your workspace, or showing off your products. It might be home/family life – if you’re comfortable with that. You might document a walk you’re on, or a shop you’re going into.

It can be casual. But you want to be making people think: ooh, what’s coming next…

Emma Merry, @homemilk, creates Stories that are roundups of products. So her focus is interior design, and her roundups might be ’10 amazing tiles’ or ‘the best mirrors for your bedroom’. She chooses great products, with a variety of price-tags, and this serves as quick bursts of inspiration for her followers. She tells a tale through products.

@hollyjunesmith tells actual sitting-round-the-campfire type stories. So she’ll tell a tale of why her family sneak a pair of pants into each other’s suitcase every time they go on holiday. It’s a funny and silly story, and she gets you scrolling from one story to the next to hear what it’s all about.

@stephdouglas runs Don’t Buy Her Flowers – gift boxes for new mums. Her personal feed is all about family, which fits with her brand. And her Stories are ‘behind-the-scenes’ of family life. Nothing staged or perfected; just ‘rough and real’ life.