Earlier, I mentioned doing ‘polls’ in your Stories.

People tend to like being asked questions, and for their input. So it’s a really simple and engaging exercise for your followers.

You can ask them which product they prefer, giving them a few options.

In fact, I did that for this course. I asked whether people would like a course on using Instagram for business, one about ‘woo in the workplace’ or one about being shy business leader.

Here’s what they said…

So alongside story-telling and roundups, you can do the odd poll.

You go in to create a Story, in ‘create’ mode, and click on the square smiley face icon, top centre. Choose ‘poll’ and it will add the frame to your Story.

You add in your question at the top, the options below – and when you click ‘send to’ (ie. ‘publish’) – it will create an interactive Story that people can click on.