Name (or ‘handle’)

First up, you need to think about your Instagram name. You know this account is for business, so I’d suggest using your business name as your Instagram handle.

When I started my first business – The Early Hour – I got @theearlyhour on Instagram (as well as Facebook and Twitter).

But as I started to share less of The Early Hour content – and more personal stuff – I changed the handle to my name (@annieridout).

Also, I had my first book coming out – The Freelance Mum – and I thought it would make sense to have my name as the ‘searchable’ handle, rather than my online parenting platform.

When I switched over, I lost a bunch of followers. I think people suddenly saw ‘Annie Ridout’ popping up and thought: ‘Who’s that?’ – and clicked unfollow.

So I’d recommend starting out with your business name, for this account, and having a separate personal account.

When The Robora launched, I got a new handle – @therobora – and that account is just for online business stuff.

But I also talk about business stuff on @annieridout, as that following is bigger, and there are lots of freelance women/business owners following me there too.

If the name of your business has already been taken on Instagram, here are some ideas for words you can add:



@[businessname]london (or England, or wherever you’re based)