My Instagram selling posts

The first post I ever put out about the DIY PR course was this one

I was introducing the course by explaining where my experience came from, some examples of my own PR success and then what would be included in the course. I got some sign-ups straight away.

But remember, I’d been sharing pretty much no ‘selling’ content up until that point. My posts were all stories, tips. I was giving stuff away. Now, I sell a lot more so I have to make sure I continue to do a lot of non-selling posts, and then occasionally share one about a new course/membership.

Here’s the first post I shared about my second course, about how to start your own business.

This time, I used the caption to address an issue: women losing their jobs during pregnancy or not knowing if they wanted to return to the workplace after having a baby. That’s what happened to me, which meant I was writing from the heart/experience, and I then showed that there’s another way: going freelance, or starting your own business from home.

So this time, the post was more personal. But it got women thinking: if you can do it, so can I. They just needed to know how. And my course was going to teach them. Again, I sold out pretty quickly.

The next time I launched the PR course, I needed to try something different. So I went in with a quote….

This one had a feminist message. That women-led businesses need to be visible. And this wasn’t my way of using feminism ‘to sell’ – it’s something I truly believe. And that message must have come across, and been inspiring and/or relatable because again, it helped me to make instant sales.