My Instagram accounts

With my personal Instagram account (@annieridout), my followers are almost all female and a large proportion have young kids. So I find that posts about being a mum are often well received.

Also, this is where I first started selling my online courses.

That following was receptive to courses on working from home, around the kids. How to do your own PR, as a freelancer. And my ‘how to launch an online course‘ course.

When I started selling courses, they were hosted on my website. And the business was called Annie Ridout Courses.

This was a bit of a rushed decision, as it all happened quite quickly. What it meant, though, is that the name matched the Instagram handle, and made sense in that respect.

But as the business became very focused on helping women to move their businesses online – and I moved the courses over to – my @annieridout following was no longer the perfect match.

So I started The Robora Instagram account (@therobora) – and made clear that the focus is women in online business.

Now, I post occasionally about the courses and consultancy on @annieridout – and still talk about them in my Stories, as the following over there is bigger and I have the magical ‘swipe up’ option, so people can click directly through to The Robora from my Stories.

But I’ve had to reassess, based on what I can see people following my personal account want more posts about. And it’s not courses – it’s the parenting/freelancing around kids stuff. So I try to stick to that.

(More on checking your insights later).

Then over on The Robora Instagram account, I don’t talk much about parenting, because it’s not relevant.

And it’s important that this account welcomes all women, kids or no kids, so I don’t want to put them off by over-sharing with the family stuff.

I actually find it much easier creating content for The Robora, because that’s the business stuff. I know what it is and who it’s for.

So if you’re starting from scratch, you’re in a great position. You can set up everything to match your business name and website branding, and ensure the focus on your posts match the focus on your business.

Then over time, you’ll get a feel for the types of posts people like on your business account. And the ones that people aren’t so into.