Instagram Stories (for selling)

Over time, I’ve seen that my followers engage more if I talk about my online courses in my Stories than on the grid. I get increasingly few ‘likes’ on the grid if the posts are just about a course – it’s ok if I include it as part of a wider, more interesting story – but Stories seem to offend less.

When you’re creating Instagram Stories about your course, don’t just write:

I have a new product.

It’s bloody good.

Sign up via the link in bio. 

Draw them in. Make it an actual STORY.

When did you first start designing this product? Why? How did it come together? What gap in the market were you filling? Perhaps you spoke to people who said they really wanted it? Is there a relevant stat you could include – about why your product is so needed?

Create a story around your product, and divide it up into snappy sentences. Then upload one sentence per Story. People can click from one story to the next and feel like they’re on a journey; they’re learning about you and your product.

This makes it digestible and interesting. You are selling without explicitly saying: BUY FROM ME. You are drawing your followers in, inviting them into your mind. Making them care.

Once you’ve created a story around your product/service, and edited it into short sentences – one per Story – at the end, direct people to the ‘link in bio’ where they can purchase.

Until you have 10,000 followers – then you get the ‘swipe up’ and can send them directly to your website.

Get inspiration from others

Make sure you’re following other business owners on Instagram and check out how they ‘sell’. I love how @mre.soeur sells her merchandise – especially in her Stories. Also @cultofyouth.

And you can also build momentum in the lead to sales. When working on this course, I created some Stories for The Robora feed, to introduce the idea that this course would be coming soon.

I was talking to camera, and added captions. Here are some stills… (Excuse the facial expressions)

As you can see, these are pretty rough. I’d just returned home from the school run, and it was pouring with rain. But rather than spend time brushing my hair and re-doing my make-up, I just went for it and did the Stories.

This is what I meant when I said Stories can be more casual. You’re not ‘expected’ to be looking preened and perfect; ‘rough and ready’ is okay too.