People love video content. They can sit back and watch, which feels easier than reading. And IGTV videos are a great way to share tips and advice. They can only be 10 minutes long (unless you have 10,000+ followers, or your account is ‘verified’) so they need to be really focused.

You should start out with a clear idea about what you’re talking about. Perhaps three industry tips. Or one piece of advice that people will find really useful.

Then write a script – it can be bullet points, if that works better for you then you ad-lib using them as a guide.

Or, you can download the PromptSmart PRO app – a teleprompter/autocue app – (one-off payment of £20) and you can upload your script, then recite it word-for-word from your screen while filming. It’s a game-changer, if you make lots of films for online.

Next, you talk into your camera phone. You want a good backdrop, quiet space and to look ‘the part’ yourself.

To share your IGTV video, you need the IGTV app. You download it from the App Store, then link it to your Instagram account. Once your video is uploaded into the IGTV app, you can post it on your Instagram grid.

If you’re stuck on ideas for what to post – just open the Instagram app and see what others are doing. Check out the header they use for their IGTV: does it draw you in? Why? Make notes. And when you watch their video: do they hold your attention? How? Do they gesticulate? Smile lots?

And remember: it’s always nerve-racking doing something new. But the only way to overcome your fear, and to improve your talking-to-camera content, is to keep doing it. Give it a try, put it out there, do it better next time.