IG Live

You have probably seen at the top of the screen when you’re in Instagram that the first ‘Stories’ say ‘LIVE’.

When you’re in the Stories part of Instagram, you can choose to ‘go live’. And this means you’ll be instantly recording.

You can then be ‘in Instagram Live’ for up to one hour.

So people use this to interview other people, or to lead workshops.

For your business, it could work well to do a weekly ‘Live’ with industry peers, or people in other but related industries.

The idea is that it gets your followers engaged but also there’s the opportunity for cross-promotion.

Personally, I don’t do much in terms of Instagram Live because I tend to do written Q&As with people instead. This fits more with the time I have available.

But others are constantly on the Lives. And I do often take part if other people want to interview me.

In fact, I was recently interviewed by the author Clover Stroud on IG Live and it led to a few sales. So it’s worth saying ‘yes’ if people invite you to do a live Q&A.

But it’s also a brand-building exercise for you. Invite others to be interviewed live by you, and they’ll likely tell their followers – who may then start following you, too.

Also, people will be getting to know you better, too.

Just keep the interviews relevant: so interview people who are in your industry, or related to it in some way. Then the followers will also be interested in your work.

In terms of IGTV VS IG Lives:

If you prefer the idea of ‘pre-recorded’ video content – less pressure, perhaps – go for IGTV. But if you like performing on the spot, give the Lives a go.

There’s a certain amount of ‘personality-type’ involved. There are those who like to plan ahead of time, and perfect everything before sharing (me).

And there are those who perform better on the spot. Who don’t rehearse. Who like to be spontaneous. (Definitely not me).

If you’re a planner, IGTV will suit you. If you’re a spontaneous performer – try IG Live.