How often can I post ‘sales’ stuff?

There are people who make every post a sales one and it’s boring. All their Stories are about what they’re selling. I always scroll on or unfollow.

In terms of how often to post the sales stuff, it depends on your business.

For me, I ramp up the selling when I’m launching a new course or programme – which is every few months.

So I’ll be mostly sharing tips/advice and then every month or two, I’ll have a week or so where I’m going IN on the selling (remember, you can download this PDF, which tells you what we post – and when – in the lead-up to a launch).

But I still wrap it up in a story.

Here’s an example…

The captions reads:

Alongside confidence, the biggest barrier to women fulfilling their potential, career-wise, is TIME.

We’re doing more of the housework, childcare, general caring (within the home and the community).

And it’s tiring.

It means by the time we sit down to work, we don’t always feel inspired.

So we need extra support.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to extend the Facebook group consultancy for any woman who signs up to the Online Business Programme this time round to six months.

You need to sign up today (before 11am) to get over 50% off.

But you’ll have the online course materials forever, a bumper workbook sent out to you AND you’ll have me and Rich there to check your course idea, subject, name, sales funnel, sales page, Facebook/IG ads – and any other area you need help with – for six months.

Who’s in??

Annie x

Or I’ll share a tip I know will impress people, with a ‘PS’ – did you know I have a whole course on this?

Here’s an example of a ‘PS’ post…

Caption reads:

I recently discovered this little secret sales trick.

And I decided I wanted to try it out.

So I said to Rich: the testimonials are flowing in for our Online Business Programme; the women are telling us they love it. Let’s re-open the doors – and try out this trick.

And instead of sighing and saying: do we have to? – he went with it.

The trick is to do with timing.

In terms of launching an online course.

And I used it, announced that sales were open again for the Online Business Programme – and people have started signing up.

So it’s worked.

As I’m slapbang in the middle of a two-day ‘launch’, I thought it might be helpful to share ‘how’ we launch.

There are two ways –

1. A three-week launch, with ‘early bird’ discount at the start.

2. What I’m calling a RAPID launch. A two-day slam.

I’m in #2 right now. And if you’d like to hear that secret tip about timing your course launch to optimise sales…

As well as how I get into the right mindset to launch, and celebrate as sales roll in…

You can listen to my latest podcast episode.

Let me know what you think x

Ps. If you’re ready to move your business online – launch a course, design your consultancy/coaching package and generally make a whole lot more £££ – join our programme before FRIDAY (as there’s over 50% off).