How do you get followers?

The question everyone wants the answer to. And yet, ask any mega influencer how they got so many followers and I bet they’ll say: I don’t really know, I just started posting and people started following.

Now, if you Google this, you’ll be told to ‘engage with other accounts’, make sure you post consistently, look at the best time to post – and post accordingly.

And those things may play a part. But really, you just need other people telling THEIR followers about you. And then, if their followers are interested in what you do, they’ll follow that recommendation. And your following will shoot up instantly.

How do you get those people talking about you on their Stories and in posts? By putting out good content.

So if you share a photo and someone shares it in their Stories, because it’s beautiful/ funny/ interesting/ useful etc – others will follow you.

And they may share it, too.

This is the only way I’ve found to make my followers go up in a sustainable way.

The follow/unfollow thing that some people do doesn’t work. Because people catch on. Or the algorithm catches you out and you’re penalised.

You need to be sharing great ideas and then people will start to see them and share them and your following will grow.

Another way to get people talking about you, though, is to interview them. So you could do interviews on Instagram Live – a weekly interview with someone in your industry. And they will probably promote it – especially if you tag them in your posts and Stories.

You could also do a Q&A series on your blog, and share it on Instagram. Again, tag the person you’ve interviewed and the likelihood is that they’ll share it – because being interviewed is good for them and their profile.

With my parenting platform The Early Hour, I interviewed loads of people. And they often went on to tell their followers that they’d been included in an article. I then got lots of followers off the back of those ‘mentions’.