Fix your mindset for success

Want to listen?

So, as well as working intuitively, I’m a big advocate of adjusting your mindset for success.

Now there’s a load you can read on the ‘law of attraction’, and ‘universal energy’, but I’m not going to go there – in terms of the language of it all.

What I do want to talk about, though, is the fact that if you’re telling yourself you’re not worthy of success, the likelihood is that you won’t become successful.

Here’s why.

You have an idea for an online course, but you’re not sure if anyone will want to buy it. You might say things to yourself like:

Why would anyone want a course from me, there are probably loads of better course creators out there.

I will make this course really cheap so that people actually buy it.

I work so hard and never seem to get anywhere.

Why does success come so easily to everyone else?

And what then happens is this negative, doubting energy seeps into your messaging.

So when you announce your course, you might say:

I’m launching this course, and I would really appreciate it if you signed up, because money’s really tight.

You’re going in with a mindset of: I need this course to sell, to pay my bills, but it’s pretty shit so I’ll just explain why I’m doing it and maybe people will pity me and buy it.

But they won’t. Because if you doubt you; they doubt you.

If you, instead, go in with:

I’m SO EXCITED because I’ve worked my arse off designing this new course and it’s a culmination of everything I’ve learned over the past five years from training and working in my field. And now I can teach you, as well.

Well, people will pay attention. They’ll feed off your enthusiasm and confidence. They will want in.

But in order to create a genuine, heartfelt message like that, you need to be feeding yourself with thoughts about how skilled you are, how much you deserve to be here doing what you’re doing and how much you’re going to help other people with your brilliant course and consultancy/coaching.

So you can go back and re-write the above, doubting thoughts like so:

I am so ready to share my amazing course with the world.

I will price it according to the value of the materials, because I know what this information is worth.

I am working hard, and I’ll soon be seeing results.

Success comes easily to me.

Toxic positivity

It’s important to note that doubt slips in for all of us, and it’s perfectly fine to share this – tell your friends and family, tell me, speak about it in the Facebook group. There’s always support out there during the rougher times. And ‘toxic positivity’ – having to always be super-positive – can be tiring.

I know, I’ve tried it.

But what I’m saying here is that it’s important not to let self-doubting seep into your marketing materials.

Because when you’re asking people to part with money, they need to feel confident that you – and your product/service – is worthy of their dosh.

It is, and you are, so focus on getting that across in all your posts and copy.