Final exercise (for module 1)

Some questions…

I included this exercise at the beginning of my book, so if you’ve read it – you may have done this already. But it’s always worth revisiting, to see if anything has changed. In an ideal world…

  • How many days a week are you working?

  • What are you doing? (this doesn’t have to be related to your previous job)

  • How much are you earning?

  • Are you alone, or surrounded by people – a team, perhaps?

  • Where are you working from: your kitchen, a shared workspace, a snazzy office?

  • How much holiday will you take?

  • Where will you go?

  • What will your weekends look like?

If you’ve completed the exercises in Module 1 and don’t feel sure about your path, don’t worry. This may take time. You can keep coming back to it – asking yourself the same and different questions. Brainstorming. Talking to other people (this always really helps me; floating ideas around with my husband, friends, mum, someone on the school run). This is the first step: deciding you’re definitely ready to make a change. But you don’t need to rush.