Exercise: content prompts

Feeling a bit stuck for content ideas? Remember, it should be a mix of stories, relatable thoughts and telling people about what you have to offer (ie. ‘sales’ posts).

Here are a load of prompts to get you started…

  1. Write something controversial. Something about your industry that you think is shit.
  2. Share a common ‘pain point’ for your customers – what do they struggle with?
  3. Recent ‘win’ – mention in a blog post or article, a happy client.
  4. Create a quote box and share a testimonial.
  5. Big up another woman in business.
  6. Start: “This is something we’ve all been doing wrong….”
  7. Reflect on a challenge you faced when starting out.
  8. A quick tip for making immediate changes.
  9. Comment on a current trend in your industry.
  10. Write a letter to yourself, starting out.
  11. A quick ‘Q&A’ with someone else in your industry, or a related industry.
  12. Do a poll – would people prefer X or Y?
  13. Looking ahead: are there up-coming industry trends you could share?
  14. Share a challenge you’ve recently faced, and how you overcame it.
  15. Three book recommendations for your industry.
  16. Let me tell you a secret….
  17. Something you may not know about me is…
  18. What’s a common misconception about your industry?
  19. Do you have a mentor? (This could be a casual mentor; someone you look up to).
  20. What’s your biggest dream, work-wise?
  21. What do you find hardest about your line of work?
  22. Who do you look up to in your industry, and why?
  23. You have one wish. What would it be?
  24. Wishlist for press coverage.
  25. Three tips that will instantly change the way you work.