Career coach Nicky Raby

Career coach Nicky Raby‘s confidence-building exercise 

I frequently share an exercise with my clients called The Success Timeline. It is easy to complete, simply take a piece of paper and in the first instance write down your basic life facts – where you were born, your school years, places you lived. Then go a layer deeper … write down key moments in your life; the successes, the times where you had to rise up to the occasions, the forks in the road, the doors you closed, the doors you opened and the ugly cries! Then go another layer deeper; what did you learn? What surprised you? What didn’t you know about yourself? How did the trajectory of your life change? You are never starting the new chapter from scratch, you are building on a wealth of experience.

Exercise 1 (20 minutes): Have a go at The Success Timeline. I love to use a pen and paper rather than always typing into my phone or laptop. It also helps to generate different thoughts (and a few doodles). How does it feel, reflecting on past successes like this?