BONUS: How will an online course get me clients?

Fancy listening to the whole topic instead?

Online courses can act as stepping stones to your one-to-one work. I’ll explain how my online courses have led to a whole load of one-to-one clients. I’ve had small groups sign up for email consultancy, a group of 15 business women join for a four-month membership, and on-going one-off sessions. Almost all of them came via my courses.

When I first started creating online courses, I did it with the intention of creating a new income stream. I’d heard of people making £10,000 a month and this appealed, because at the time, I was making around £2000 a month from freelance work.

So I launched a course. It sold out. Launched another. Same story. And we grew the online course business from there.

But what also happened is that people started messaging me, asking for my help.

Maybe they’d done my PR course, and wanted me to help them write up their PR story. Or they wanted to create their own online course, and wanted to run ideas past me about the name, topic, how to market and sell it.

So they wanted my time.

I did two things.

Firstly, I created a ‘module-by-module’ feedback option for the online courses. This meant that if they were on a course, and wanted feedback on a specific module, they could have it.

Secondly, I started experimenting with one-to-one calls and emails.

I priced myself far too low, for fear that I wasn’t worth anything higher. But it was all valuable experience. And I’ve now increased my prices by over 500%.

When you have an online course that fits into your area of specialism, people take the course and a proportion of them will then think: now I want more. And sign up for your one-to-one packages.