9. Pitching successes

Here are some other examples of press coverage I’ve secured (for this online courses business)…

  • I wrote a piece for Stylist about how I earn a decent income from running online courses. In this one, I was able to link through to my website and promote each course individually. It was written to help others who’d also like to run online courses (as a main source of income or a ‘side hustle’).
  • I was interviewed for the Sunday Times Style ‘Secrets of the side hustle‘ podcast, talking about all things work-life but with a detailed discussion about the courses. This came about because the host, Scarlett Russell, follows me on Instagram and likes how I write about balancing work and motherhood. So it’s important to keep growing those social media platforms and talking about everything you’re up to (more on this later).
  • A Guardian article about people moving their work online during coronavirus. There were various case studies, and I was asked to share some tips on how to launch an online course for a box at the end of the article. There was a link to my website, and it leads people to my ‘How to launch a successful online course‘ course (if they’re thinking of launching they’re own). This one came about because I talk regularly online about running courses, so the journalist found me through the content I was sharing.
  • A feature I wrote for Grazia (print magazine) about the best online courses for lockdown. It had a sidebar with tips for launching your own course, with a note at the bottom about the online courses that I run. I interviewed a few women for it, about online courses they rate, and shared five other online courses that I thought Grazia readers would like. Some of the women featured in that piece went on to get a load more sales of their online courses. PR works.

To summarise:

When you’re doing your own PR, think about your story: who you are, what you’re doing – and then work out how you can make this more appealing to specific publications. They’re always looking for good stories so give it a shot. And if they say no or ignore you? Try again. And again. (Remember, that Guardian article I wrote was commissioned on my third attempt).

And then, if that journalist or editor really isn’t willing to commission your piece or cover your story –  try a different publication with the same story. If you still have no luck, write a new story and try that. This is all about trial and error. It takes time to secure press coverage but it’s really worth the hard work.